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  1. Once a full page of posts is posted it should return to normal
  2. Hey Rob, seem some bugs is still on the site, or on the Impact discussion thread last post in the thread is October 12, last post made was October 24th... some posts are missing..
  3. Don't sweat it Hobert I was just ribbing you
  4. I made a mistake, I admit I was wrong....
  5. TNA and good taste.... not words you hear to often sadly!!
  6. Thanks, yeah sometimes it hard to decide where to post a big news item, such as a title change that is live.... Thanks for the link, will try to keep such in mind if such happen at Mania or Lockdown if I'm watching and put it in the appropriated place ..
  7. I don't mind spoilers but just not in the title and kept in the spoilers section. Believe it or not, not everyone gets to watch every event live. I myself had to watch last years Wrestlemania on PPV delay because I had to work. And down here there's a 2 day delay for Raw screenings.

    It's been defined for quite some time in this thread -**&p=468134

    Anyway, no worries mate, keep on keeping on
  8. Spoiler it was about 10 minutes after the match happened???? Thinking we going have to define spoilers esp with Live shows like Raw and PPVs...
    Anyhow all good and fine with me and thanks for the info on the post I guess..
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