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  1. Christian Bale used it during his Oscar speach. Kind of figured that what it meant. You have to admit that their probably never been or going to be a person that would know ALL the slan in Great Brittain!
  2. Hi AP, you know when you say a word over, and over, and over again, and you don't think it's a word?! Well that's what I did with Quackers Do you mean Quackers as is quack quack like a duck? If so, it means kind of nuts, mad etc.

    Now I'm asking myself is it really something that we say!?! Lol
  3. Got a really dumb question for you. Having visited London once while in the service, I determined that England would be the only country I would move to.
    Having said that,here is the question: what does quackers mean? Or what is it used for? Im guessing like a funny friend or something. The Brittish slang and the diversity intrigues me.
    You can say you fancy a fanny and it just means sex. You say that to a girl here they thing you are gonna stick it in the other hole.
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