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  1. Rofl, nah not a fan of Piper. Huge Bret Hart fan though. You do know that over here they wear nothing under the kilts? If they do then they're not a "real man" lol. Every wedding etc you see all the horny old grannies trying to lift the kilts to get a look. Shocking.
    Interesting choice of history. I only really read up on wars as a result of monarchy reign. But I can understand why you'd be interested being an ex-soldier.
  2. I like studying the Civil War, our reconstruction era and our industrial revolution. I am an ex soldier so that stuff interests me. The begining of the corrupt political system and that sort of thing.
    Glasgow? Hmmmmmm. I am of Scott and Irish decent. Being a McDonald.
    Well you certainly are a rare case. An attractive, smart woman who likes wrestling. Wow. Where were you when I was single?
    Oh yeah. Another continent ;-)
    Roddy Piper fan? Sorry had to ask a stereotypical question. I actually have my kilt. It's with my sir name hunting tartan. Whew. Thank God I have nice legs for a guy.
  3. History Major eh? My favourite subject. David Starkey is my hero. What's your biggest interest? Mines Monarchy.

    I'm from Glasgow, everyone from Glasgow is a Rock N Rolla. :P
  4. Awwww. You should be hounded. You're smokin' hot.
    Off that topic, it appears you live down the street from Prince Caspian and are a rock n rolla. Hmmmmm? A REAL Rock n rolla? As in Guy Richie, or y2J?
    Lastly, I'm a history major. Well, social science. Thats what a history degree is called these days.
  5. I never get hounded =( I must be doing something wrong. I definately am I girl. I got called out on twitter last week and had to do a salute :/
  6. As a happily involved man i gotta know how hounded you get by these guys about being a hot chick on a IWC site? If in fact u are a girl and not just messing with all the basement dwelling virgins on here.
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