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  1. I cant agree with the fact that seeing the Rock as WWE champion at mania, would send chills down my spine.
    But I dont think it will be a smart move by Vince. But I've been wrong before
  2. I like the Rock and all but I could really care a less to see him on Raw anymore. If he was back for good thats a diffrent story, then id be happy to see him be the beast he once was. But I do however wanna see him win the title at Mania, it would be a classic and memerable moment. Its either him or Cena, cuz they always have a happy ending @Mania (except 17)
  3. Well I would be upset if your prophesy of the Rock becoming champion actually happens.
    Dont get me wrong I like the rock, I enjoy his promos but he hasnt wrestle a day since 2004, he showed great amount of ring rust on monday, and if he becomes champion then that would be a huge step back in the young movement.
    The Rock is probably back for a six month run tops, and give him the title before young and deserving guys doesnt feels right.
  4. Whats up man? What do you think about them saying the Rock is going to wrestle? I think my prediction is coming true. (the Rock is walking out Champ @ WrestleMania)
  5. Hey Hank, thanks for the friend request
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