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  1. Glad you enjoyed the BM vid, it always make me laugh.

    I've been trying to found as much stream pages as posible so if one of them fails, I always have another one. With a little luck WWE will not close all the streams and I will enjoy wrestlemania.
  2. Love the bochamania vid mate... Quality!

    Sorted your mania stream out yet?
  3. Yeah, agreed... I think hbk should just stay out of it now and let them get on with it.
  4. No, with live I mean not the repetition at the next day. If I dont find a good stream, I cant watch it, cause WWE doesnt let me order ppv in my country.

    I hope HBK is not involve, he did enough last night putting the match over, and Im pretty sure that if he gets himself involve, he will come out of retirement for one last match, and Im not a fan of that either. He has left us a great legacy, and I hope he wont tarnish it for one last run
  5. When you say see it live, do you mean in attendance?

    I agree the santino match is the one on the card that looks pretty weak. I was hoping that they would add a kofi v Barrett rematch. I'm
    Not too bothered about snooki, I just hope jomo can shine and put on a really good show.

    Hey do you think hbk will be involved in the streak match at all?
  6. Hey Leggo, good to speak with you.
    Im really excited for wrestlemania, all the matches (besides the santino, big show, Kozlov,kane vs the corre awful match) look great.
    Im actually excited for the Team JoMo vs Team Ziggler match, just to see how WWE handles Snooki´s involvement.
    The Taker/HHH match is also a must see for me, and Im really looking foward to see the Rock´s involvement in Cena/Miz
    Overall a good card for me, I just hope I can see it live
  7. Hi there mate,

    I just realised that we're friends and haven't really spoken to each other. Anyway, thanks for the friend request and I look forward to interacting with you.

    I'll start the ball rolling... Anything on the Wm card stand out for you? Looking forward to a particular match?
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