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  1. nothin dude, could you start the ball rolling for them?
  2. Got anything from the rest of SAM?
  3. Nothing yet, TT said he'll start it off, i'll let you know tomorrow.
  4. You got anything from the rest of SAM? If you have, PM to me, if not, I'll open the fire.
  5. up to you dude, it's a little late so don't force yourself, maybe enjoy some sleep and do it tomorrow before Rage?
  6. Bro, all's done except 1st segment, should I go for it?
  7. Can you jump into the cave, please?
  8. If you go to the cave, check the archives.
  9. Slither has not been sent, Chainsaw is Rob, so he can fill it if he's able to.

    BTW, come to the cave for a sec.
  10. Slither and Chainsaw, i'm going to do the match tonight even if they don't send them in
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