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  1. If you need it, use a Benoit/Masked Kane combo, with Kane looking like this one:
  2. Promo received, and it will be difficult to find the images for Grind and Carlin
  3. Got that one, sir?
  4. Will work on the promo now. Forum had been acting funny and I couldn't access BB's part in my inbox.

    Grind: Kane Body, Delirious mask, Abyss hair (back when he had long hair, circa 2005)

    Carlin: Benoit body, D-Bry head with trimmed beard/black hair (longish, like D-Bry now)
  5. How goes the promo? Also, quick question who would you pick to represent Grind and Carlin in a poster? If you had to
  6. Thanks bro!
  7. Short and sweet bro. You have a JM PM (LOL)
  8. Hey, I was hoping to get your opinion on the TWE Houseshow
  9. Thanks my bro, it was a good one indeed. And about the match, any time you need me, you know where I am
  10. Late as hell, but anyways Happy Birthday bro. Hope you made it a good one. Also THANKS for the great match idea for OverDrive!
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