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  1. Cool, no rush, seems you're ahead of everyone else in respect to matches written lol!
    PS. I hope for your sake that your balls remain intact.
  2. I've got the match written, but not edited and sent. You know it is a fucking bitch to do, and I've been busy since finishing it this Saturday. You'll have it ASAP, I have to deal with IWA's one, or Eddie will cut my balls. But do not worry.
  3. Got that, boss.
  4. Update to the PM, Sunday will be the deadline man
  5. Roger. (10 characters)
  6. Nothing this week man.
  7. Boss, never got a Rage assigment. Just making sure.
  8. Please do your promo now. Thanks.
  9. I think they explained the rustle my jimmys thing in the CBOT thread once, but I don't think I got what it means.

    Anyways, I was being playful.
  10. Let me try again:

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