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  1. Eighteen. Depends on how strict people are they can let you drink if you're minor.
  2. I miss creative as well bro. but focusing on your uni is the best.

    Ha no worries man, I don't plan on being sober for long enough to meet people lol; BTW what is the legal drinking age in spain??
  3. A pity man, Barcelona is 700 km from my city and it's quite an expensive trip, if not, I could go and see you!

    I was doing a good job on Inferno, but I needed my time for Uni, it was the best for everybody. I miss it a freaking lot!
  4. Cool man, I wasn't around much when you stepped down as Inferno Writer; Its a real shame broski You did a outstanding job with Inferno!

    I am pumped because I am coming to Spain! I am going on Rugby Tour to Barcelona!! absolutly pumped for it
  5. Things go slowly but good. I'll soon have to face a great deal of Uni work. You?
  6. Hey bud long time no talk! How's things going?
  7. Its donski post some Inferno
  8. right now! inferno's ready!
  9. sure shizzle me bizzle
  10. Can't see Rich on, can you make the filler?
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