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  1. Cheers bud, You Da Man!
  2. The requested changes in the batcave are in full effect.
  3. Yep do it, gracias, senor
  4. I can do those fillers, only it has to be right now!
  5. Yeah but still Hand and Hand in england that's a sign for love and freindship so, its still strange.
  6. Hand and hand, my friend.
  7. Hey man I've had a thought if the wrestling term "Mano y Mano" is spanish, which I am not certain it is? but if it is, doesn't that mean "Hand to Hand", strange thought that has been going around my head just needed to get it out lol.
  8. Same I should probably be revising or something but I can't be arsed. The only exam i think i'll do well in is spanish.
  9. In blank man, I should be doing Uni work but I feel like I don't have a single idea about anything.
  10. Hey man long time, no speak, ?Que Tal? (sorry I don't have an upside down question mark lol)
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