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  1. Mmmm, I just don't know how to take this...

    I'll honestly do it lightly and appreciate the gesture in what it means, because I know you're not aware of how my private life is going. Had it been otherwise, you probably would have not sendf me that VM.

    But as I know you're just a soul whose intentions are pure, I won't let you be misunderstood, so thanks
  2. Yay. Remember is a multi man promo.
  3. Yeah. It's due on Tuesday, right?
  4. Yo man.

    Did you get my PM request?
  5. Fine man. Just wanted to know if there was some constructive criticism you wanted to make
  6. Nope. I just don't feel that any of your characters will win. Nothing personal.
  7. Yo man, couldn't help to notice... You gave no chance to any of my characters in the pred contest... Am i doing it that bad?
  8. Thanks. I'll add itto our character info thread in the bat cave
  9. Sao Paulo, Brazil
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