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  1. It's in, hope the finish was good enough.
  2. Roger that. Thanks bro.
  3. Okay, just need to make some edits to that match then. I'll send it to you after, then do the second match tomorrow.
  4. Inbox ready. Michael face, rain heel
  5. If you haven't yet, clean up your inbox. :P

    Also, who is supposed to be the face in Michael/Rain?
  6. LOD vs NAO (which one, I don't know, you asked to stop at 6:15
  7. Crap, which match did I have it as?
  8. Crap! Sorry, phone call. One moment. Make sure I still have the stuff so I know which match it is!
  9. Emergency! Link me the match you used for the main event! (You mistaken it with TT theme)
  10. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot.
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