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  1. I dont get you I was very respectful when I messaged you back, I dont see how you got that I misread your comment. I was just stating If the Rock is doing so well Why come back to the WWE. If he dont need the WWE then why come back?

    You claim The Rock is a proud man that didnt want anyone to say anything about his wrestling background cause he wanted to do it on his own and make his own name for himself so thats the reason he wouldnt mention his wrestling background and told everyone that acting was his first and only job... Then Why Come Back now? Why advertise your movies on Raw, If he wants to show he is his own man and dont need the WWE, Why advertise your Twitter and movies? you have yet to answer that
  2. So you honestly think The Rock is doing this out of the goodness of his heart? your thought process is flawed. Rocks Movie Career has been lack luster and most of his Disney movie have been under performing.

    The Rock being on WWE got his twitter threw the roof. The reason John Cena and the Rock have so many followers is cause the feud they are in. People wanna see if they bad mouth each other, or what they say about each other.

    Just look at The Rocks career since comming back to WWE, Fast Five, Journey 2, GI Joe and Now hercules and a Michael Bay movie.... I say The Rocks return as done pretty well for himself.

    Since Rock has come back his career is booming big time with non kiddie roles in actual blockbuster movies.. WWE hasnt really made any huge diffrence in their business, The Rocks big Return at Survivor Series did very poorly...... Wrestlemania will do well cause of the dream match in the Rock and Cena not so much cause people well shell out $50 Dollars to see The Rock.
  3. Wow just found this message. See you took what you wanted to read out of what I wrote. I did say that could have been a reason, but I also stated that he has given plenty of recognition to having his start in the WWE. I don't know where you heard other. And your thing of "why is he coming back now" do you honestly think he needs the WWE now? Between G.I Joe, Fast 5, and that Journey movie, he's in big movies. None of the movies he's putting out need advertising by the WWE and if you think they do, your thought process is flawed. And yes Creed members do put on concerts and when interviewed and asked questions about their new band's CD. The guitarist is putting out a solo CD and mentioning it through his band. Maybe YOU should READ before you THINK about what you want to write.
  4. sorry I cant comment on the Blogs their is something going on with the system so ill just comment straight to you.

    So lets use your excuse, Lets say The Rock just did that cause he wants to prove he made it in acting without prowrestling. for 1 I dont know the bands you speak of and I cant say yes or no if they made it as far as they did without the creed name, cause I know nothing about it. But I do know that there is nooooo way Dwayne Johnson would of been in any movie without the WWE and without the WWE pushing his films in the begining. So for 1 The Rock didnt do it on his own name and talent and 2 if he really wanted to make it on his own without the WWE name then Why come back now? why mix the Dwayne Johnson and Rock thing now? Why use WWE to advertise your films now? Do you see that band doing Creed concerts and advertising their new bands CD's? No of course not.Your logic is flawed and dumb. You should think before you write.
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