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  1. Nope last time I was on JBW was the last ppv they had. I haven't heard from anyone over there since. But over HWA I'm a active guy and they already got a big storyline for me set up so I'm just waiting now
  2. ow well do you know what show you are on?????
  3. its good to see you back but as far as JBW goes right now I have no clue I came back but Kash hasn't wrote me back about any shows or anything so i have no clue. I'm more on HWA right now while pre tapping some of my UWE shows
  4. hey man how ya been...i know we planed to get ya virtual thing of the ground...but i can see that proble isint going to happen hahahah BUT anyways im back in JBW now im hoping your on JBW too with kiddson you know we need to settle this "rivalry" right
  5. Send me pics of wrestling gear... pictures of how u want to look
  6. Yeah man I'm still keen
  7. Hey dude Send me a PM if you still interested in that project we talked about before
  8. Come Back and right me we got to talk
  9. Yep sweet congrats bro sounds awesome as we shall get to work around 8pm your time
  10. Dude that is sick as bro congrats and we shall get to work tommoro around 8pm your time
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