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  1. hey IHV is the review close enough that I could stay up for it? I want to see it but if it's too long away I'll read it later
  2. Most likely and Ill let you know
  3. ya I hear you man it's cool it'll be better for you because you want have to spend as much money I assume plus that's only like 2 months away as well so let me know when the first one is up, will you guys be doing it live
  4. I decided to wait til wwe 12 Since I've been real busy in my personal life thats why I've been so gone off this lately
  5. alright great to here, I'd really love to see you post in the thread more when you have the chance

    and also have you started the virtual idea yet? let me know when you do because I have to see that
  6. Lmfaoo it dont work that way buddy btw I'm working on that promo you ask me
  7. ya that's probably the best option

    btw I can uh promise you some new.... material for Kiddson in HWA if I get 2 5 star reviews
  8. I know i just dont want to get double backed up So ill just post it tomorrow and Add in Mayhem when it finally get posted
  9. you can always just do it when it's up though
  10. Yeah ill just upload the reviews tomorrow then cause I wanted to give him til tonight i guess his table if full right now
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