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  1. thanks ill look out for it
  2. Sure thing. PM coming soonish.
  3. hey let me know if you need anything from me for the mayhem next week
  4. IF you need any help let me know i might be able to come up with a few ideas for storyline or feud for my guy or maybe even other people.
  5. Sent you a few ideas for kiddson and Daniel May Storyline Tell me what you think
  6. Thanks so much man im happy im on the roster hopefully i can bring something different to the show and do my part to help make us #1 thanks again
  7. Thanks for the friend request buddy. I just accepted it. Oh, and a good hearted welcome to the Mayhem roster is in order too. I just got conformation by WWTNA that Kidson is gonna be on Saturday nights. Love your bio too, he's a great character that'll fit in great with the rest of the Mayhem roster.
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