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  1. Happy Birthday young one
  2. That's what I thought. Well, we are now anyway!
  3. We weren't friends before? hmm.. shocking lol. Anyways thanks for the add
  4. Hey I need that promo back ASAP, still need to add to it and send it to Vandarius
  5. You had Vegas jumping up and down in fact his exact words were "Hey I know I don't do shit for that character but I try!" lol
  6. Shit, sorry man. I only said that to try and wind him up. Douglas Blake is actually a very good character, he's just the 1st character of Aloisick (or so I thought) that I thought of.
  7. Douglas Blake is Vegas not Sick bro
  8. Looking forward to getting it
  9. Yep, I do, and it will be with you by Friday
  10. Yeah, I remembered a few days ago lol I still need one from you though
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