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  1. I don't do it anymore, got injured and didn't have insurance. Plus the people who do the work here in Vegas are money hungry assholes lol
  2. RE your last VM to me: that's awesome, I didn't know you wrestled for real... I trained for a while, but I didn't get to fully pursue it. Still debating on wanting to continue, but that's another story for another time...
  3. The original Krysys (Krystian Krysys) Is actually based of me. His build in his bio is my build (Sort of) and I usd the name Krysys for the few years I did BYW and Local Indy stuff. The new Krysys is more of a idea that spun in my head
  4. I kind of dig that though - it's like manifesting an aspect of your personality or perspective in your characters. That's how I feel with Sagittarius - he's the guy I would love to become. Wonder how it will turn out when brother meets brother...
  5. Lol thanks. I think I have split personality or something, I probably have more characters active than anyone
  6. And I was reading your bios on your characters - good stuff!
  7. Hi Krysys! Thanks for the shout out! I didn't think it was long - in fact, I was surprised to get the call so soon. And thanks for the props on my art - despite it being slow in coming, I'm working on more. I'm all kinds of jazzed up for this man!
  8. Hey a couple things I wanted to say.

    1. You will be making our long awaited debut on the next OverDrive. I want to apologize for taking so long and thank you for being patient.

    2. Kick ass picture for your character! Looks amazing lol. If I had that artistic ability I would do one for the Krysys brothers lol
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