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  1. Hey man, hope you're feeling better... wanted to get back on and see about writing those matches for TWE
  2. i hear u bud... you get better too... see you soon...
  3. Been there, I am getting over being sick as well
  4. Even so, the show must go on I will be back as soon as I get some strength back - I feel like recycled $#!+ right now...
  5. Feel better bro, we can delay if needed. You work on getting better
  6. Just got out of the hostpital - been down with a major bug for the last few days. I will be able to help with the 5 ppv matches as well. Still shrugging off the bug, will be back on in the a.m.
  7. Bad news. HJ is done with creative so its just me and you. Can you handle 5 matches for the PPV by Sunday?
  8. Damn... that stuff sounds hard man. Well I'm glad you're still around and here on EWN!
  9. LOL I wasn't getting paid. When I say Money hungry I mean us having to pay them to even get seen. But that is my past. My shoulder is to fucked up to ever consider getting back in a ring
  10. Sorry to hear that guy... at least you were working with money... I was looking at a local promotion with nada
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