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  1. Hey man, I didn't get an answer to my PM, so I just wanted to make sure you got it, thanks!
  2. Clear your inbox please.
  3. Krysys, I REALLY need to talk to you about the promo, so please message me when you can, especially tonight if you can.
  4. Hey man, I've sent you quite a few PMs in the past few days about various things and I haven't heard back from you yet, are you getting the PMs?
  5. It should have an option to add. If not I think the tag is
  6. Hey Krysys, I know this is a stupid question, but how exactly do you change what is written on the actual Spoiler Tag? Like your's says "Spoiler: E-Fed Stuff" and mine just says Spoiler. How do you change that?
  7. Hey, you gonna be able to get that Promo in before tomorrow's show?
  8. Inbox cleared, sorry bout that
  9. Hey man, I'm trying to send you a PM, I can't because your inbox is full, could you clear it or something so I can send the PM? Thanks.
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