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  1. I know I should... And Brutality instead of BWA. But I have to to delete the whole link and do it again...

    Lemme try.
  2. Just wondering, but were you going to change your sig to say TWE instead of Alpha Revolution?
  3. Awesome Thank you
  4. Promo sent to EHC.
  5. Alright cool. As long as we can get it done for tomorrow
  6. Tommorrow, I promise. Not in my best moment now.
  7. Hey could you let me know when you send the promo to EHC so I know who has it?
  8. Awesome! Thank you very much
  9. 6'6", 275 pounds, Last Ride (singles finisher) Power-Plex (Suplex lift into a powerbomb / neckbreaker combination) (tag finisher)
  10. Oh, also if you and ehc could get together and come up with a tag finisher?
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