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  1. I'm in the chatbox man
  2. You free for the Batcave? Want to catch you up on whats going on
  3. Hey, great work with the promo. Top notch as always
  4. Honestly, its getting sad now. He just needs o go away
  5. That's his usual pattern
    it seems dreadfully important that everyone believe him, I have found simply telling him I think he's full of shit to be my favorite sentence
  6. I'm expecting some alt accounts to be made that he will become friends with, and they will take his side in arguments lol
  7. yeah, guessing he doesn't have anything else going on (besides the imaginary friends)
    Luckily, I am bored as hell and was just looking for an excuse to fuck off at work
  8. True, got to admire his dedication. No matter how many times we tell him he's fucked he won't give up, he is a special kind of persistent
  9. thanks, lol
    not like it's hard
  10. As I have been asked not to post in the Aloisick thread I will say here that you owned him and you have made more sense in that thread than anyone. My hat is off to you.
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