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  1. Well Happy Birthday to her. Just a heads up though, it is incredibly large match, 13,620 characters
  2. NP, spent last night celebrating with my wife, (Her birthday is today) so I haven't really been on. At work now
  3. Ok, was double checking. Was way tired when I sent it yesterday
  4. I did, haven't had a chance to read it yet
  5. Did you happen to get those PMs?
  6. Can I see you in the batcave please?
  7. Ok, both are in. I would say it will get better, but we are at least a month from getting more hands on deck at work, so the OT will be evercoming.
    Like I said before, if I fucked something up, feel free to fix and and blame me
  8. It's been fixed already
  9. right, realized that after I posted, but haven't had time to correct on site yet, sorry
    Also was going to say, with any match I write, feel free to change delete or add commentary, it's my worst thing, and I don't mind a bit of editing to make the show look better
  10. Not a problem. Also with the Tag Team Match you did, you referenced Elite Bloodline as saying they should have been #1 Contenders when in fact they are the champions
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