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  1. Your inbox is full man, but in regards to your message; no worries, that's cool.
  2. Not a problem, just pointing it out for you
  3. Oversight on my part
  4. I don't see Graves' name on the RTE roster in the OP of the discussion thread. Is there any reason for that, or is it just an oversight?
  5. Also,when you get the chance, please update the RTE roster in the OP of the discussion thread so that I can update the roster on the EWNCW discussion thread front page also.
  6. SB has added a full bio for Senora Monica Jimenez. So that's another female talent added to the mix for the future.
  7. Turns out the promo was done but didn't reach you for some reason.
    Forwarded to you now, so you can edit it in if you want.
  8. SG sent his part to CT, so I guess he just didn't send the finished article in. I asked Sg that he sent a copy to whoever's setting the assignment too in future though.
  9. Thanks. I'll have a word.
  10. FAOU = CT Bros = SG
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