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  1. Hey, I think I'll be able to pull triple duty now with EWNCW, HWA and TWE. So, just hit me up with promo assignments whenever you need them.
  2. I would've taken a break for sure.
  3. Oh, if you had gone up to EWNCW you would have left TWE
  4. Ha, so it should be easy to get caught up then. I know Tommy Thunder and eboy had PM'ed me but I politely declined because there was no way I could do Redemption and then EWNCW AND TWE right now. But I think I could do Redemption and TWE.
  5. Ther has only ben two shows since the merger. We did the first one and thn some big stuff happened with several members moving up to EWNCW and a few getting cut. Than this past Tuesday we debuted the new TWE OverDrive
  6. Cool beans. I have no idea what either of those things are since I haven't been able to keep up with TWE lately haha. But I'll do my best to read most of the post merger shows and get reacquainted with everything.
  7. Well We are running every two weeks now, so promos won't be frequent and if a promo is needed you will most likely have a week and a half. The last match you were in was a Championship Tournament (Either BloodOath or No Limits) which you won
  8. I was planning on taking a break since I had taken over Redemption in HWA. It's pretty much consuming all of my time that I spend on here now. But, I'm thinking I'll be able to juggle both of them in a couple of weeks or so. You can keep using the character and if you need a promo, I can try to get you a quick one, but they might not be too great.
  9. Hey just checking, but you are still active in TWE right? We used you on the last show
  10. Alrighty. I'll check it out!
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