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  1. Yo bud SWA just posted its first show! You should check it out and give some feedback
  2. Yeah not sure on that, as Kingstrem wrote it. I know the biggest gripe seems to be over the UOLM's length and winner(s)
  3. I will have to go over it, but from what I saw it seemed fine. My biggest gripe is Kaige seeming like a non-factor in the title match, for the most part. But it'll be in the review.
  4. Here is hoping when you review the Fight Night you like something about it, apparently it sucked.
  5. Looking forward to it.
  6. If not tonight, then tomorrow when I get back from my grandfolks. Haha
  7. Are we going to get a TJB Running Blog for RTE this week?
  8. HEaded there now.
  9. Batcave? Need your opinion on something
  10. All cleared up
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