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  1. Update on that promo man?
  2. Yeah, the one you got before you went away. Can you do it please? I can use it for the next show.
  3. only the 1 from a couple of weeks ago
  4. It's ok man, I'm sure you were in a situation where you weren't able to get in touch or whatever.
    Do you have a promo request in your inbox by any chance?
  5. Again sorry man
    It was kind of spontanious
  6. Cool man, would have been nice to know since we've all been wondering where you've been lol!
  7. hay man
    sorry ive been out of the country
    i am fully committed to ewncw from now on
  8. Any news on your involvement in EWNCW man?
  9. Happy birthday man! Have a good one!
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