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  1. Can't complain my man, just doing the daily grind of work and family you know how it is. Trying to get in shape to try out for the local police department in a couple of months.
  2. Yeah, I'm back mate. I gotta a lot of shows to read through though!

    All good with you?
  3. No harm, I was just screwing around hoping to get a rise out of Rehmix honestly lol
  4. Hey mate, please don't think I was dissing your work on ROTT. I really like the character and was just referring to the storyline.
  5. Good one sir
  6. What's the definition of indefiniteley?... When you hear your balls slapping against her ass, you know your indefinitely! Lol
  7. Lmao mate!

    You should check out my joke if the day thread in the tea spot. Put it in there... And more!!
  8. A dyslexic man walks into a bra.
  9. No man! Fook off... You ain't no friend of mine!

    Nah, only kidding mate! Thanks for the FR! I'm sure we'll be talking a lot on Jabe!

    Cheers bud!
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