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  1. Istvan Gretzky: Sto lat, kurwa!
  2. Hey, dude.. Ready for part three and more whenever you're ready
  3. Definition of unlucky? A one armed bandit hanging off of a cliff with itchy bollocks.

    Definition of pain? Sliding down a razor blade using your dick as a break and landing in a bath full of cayenne pepper.

    Definition of funny? That joke... Keep 'em coming!

    I may have use for these things in the future.
  4. Little Johnny is sitting on the toilet in obvious distress when his mom calls through the door "How are you doing?"

    Johnny answers, "Not so well, mom, I think I need some Viagra"

    His mother is astounded at this response and asks him "What do you mean, 'you need some Viagra'"

    Johnny replies. "Isn't that what you give dad when his shit won't get hard?"
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