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  1. Ok... no pressure lol. You need it by Tuesday right?
  2. Hey I do need that blogg from you btw. The dude PMed me this morning, and I told him he had till tonight and he never got back to me
  3. Workin on the promo now. It'll be done soon. I see you're not finished with the show yet either. I'll get everything to you that's needed. Give me like, 40 minutes.
  4. Hey im going to finish the show, and once i get your promo ill edit it in
  5. Hey just posted the thing. Let me know what you think broseph!
  6. No prob dude.
  7. hey. im going to post something in the icw thread hopefully soon. i want u to check it and tell me what u think
  8. yes sirri bobert All is good bro. I am writing the final match now, then gotta do the color and link/photo posting. I still need 1 more promo before I post it, so hopefully tonight.
  9. You get the promo? Everything good?
  10. Hey bro. I saw u tried sending me a PM. Sorry, I didn't realize it was full. There is room now so feel free to shoot me a PM in regards to what i was asking. Hope your fam is well!
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