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  1. hey, could i get that Rest In Peace poster you did when you get a min?
  2. im sorry bro. i didnt realize it was ur bday. happy bday
  3. I don't even get a happy birthday? That's cold Obi-Wan.
  4. hey when you get a sec can you approve my blog from yesterday? thanks bud!
  5. Don't feel bad bro. trust me, you are going to like where Eclipse is going
  6. I try to keep up with that thread, man but... its deffo hard. Hell, I didn't even know we were back up and running until yesterday lol. It came back on the 16 and I didn't post until the 18th haha. I am the disappoint.
  7. funny you should ask, as a few shows back I dropped including where the shows took place, but I know its for your promo, so lets roll with the Consol Energy Arena in Pittsburgh PA
  8. Where is No Remorse taking place?
  9. So...still interested in taking part in WBC?
  10. Hey, don't worry about that blog buddy. I didn't want the champ to wait anymore so I just wrote one myself to go up against his. If you want a shot in the future,, just let me know and I'll give u enough notice
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