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  1. I understand bro. I just thought i would have had it from ya on those 2 days you had off. No worries
  2. I gotcha, man. Been back to work and it's been killing me softly lol. No worries man.
  3. Just a friendly reminder about the Kyle Diamond promo by Saturday bro
  4. Hey, can u send me the poster for Glory Days by chance?
  5. Sending it now. I'll be posting my review once I get to the ICW thread. Marvelous in short though. Stay on to receive the poster.
  6. So what did u think of the show chief? Btw, can I get that poster today
  7. It is all good bro. I understand
  8. Promo and poster will be to you today. Got backed up with work and kids.
  9. Hey, how goes that promo bro?
  10. I don't have it with me at work but, when I get home in the morning I'll send it your way.
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