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  1. No worries
  2. I'll get you the stuff tomorrow. I've not really been on here the last week or so dude. Sorry.
  3. Hey I'm trying to update stuff on Inferno's side of things for EWNCW, and i need to know. What is the height and weight for Eclipse, as well as a few signatures. Thanks man!
  4. LMAO! Yeah man I fucking died at that myself dude. She's a fucking character for sure man. I can't wait until things slow down at her work so she can join us more.
  5. dude, your wife cracked me up so i had to sig her
  6. Hey, don't worry about the Kyle Diamond promo. I'm going to tweak it where I don't need it. I will need 1 next week though going into Glory Days, so keep that in mind
  7. Huh? (10char)
  8. Never got back to me on the... "expansion"...
  9. like i said bro, no worries. RL comes first
  10. Kids Dr Appointments and family time got the best of me.
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