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  1. Okay then, just go with plan b that was included in the original request. Thanks! Also, your PM box is full.
  2. If you give me confirmation on that PM I sent you, I'll post it tomorrow.

    Also, happy birthday man! Hope you have a good one!
  3. 'Tis cleaned good sir.
  4. Inbox needs cleaning.
  5. Yeah, the match is pretty good. The ending is decent as well, to continue the feud.
  6. I haven't read it yet, I haven't been posting much today either. Cause I'm working on an essay, just gimme 10-15 minutes, and I'll tell you.
  7. Not gonna tell me what you think?
  8. Matter of fact, I'll be goig on my half hour break soon... like, 9:30 my time. For frame of reference, it's 8pm here now... I you want, YOU start it up, send it to me and I'll at least be able to send you the first part back tonight. And if my internet is still shit later on, I'll send my second part tomorrow on my half hour break. Just make sure you save it because I don't have the capabilities at work to do so.
  9. Unlucky mate, yeah that sounds cool though.
  10. HOPEFULLY within the next 24hrs. My phone and home internet took a shit on me. I'll have my phone back up on Friday and my home internet might be Friday as well... just waiting on them.
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