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  1. Gotcha my man. Good to see you still around though man.
  2. I already planned on creating a new account to change my screen name before the thing with me and SES went down, I was just waiting till I got to God status. When I changed I made a thread in the new member spot telling people I was changing.
  3. LOL! It's cool bro. I understand where you're coming from 100% though. I didn't even know you left. I knew you guys got into it but, I thought you were still using your old name and just kept off of here for a while.
  4. Sorry brother, I let people in the JBW decide if they wanted to send me 1. Because I know some people are kinda mad at me for letting my dissatisfaction with SES end up with an argument on the JBW thread. That is also the reason I have stayed away from posting on the thread. But I'll send you one now!
  5. I never got requested again. *Sobs*
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