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  1. Thanx and you know that I am always to get shit poppin'!!!
  2. Welcome back. Ready to blow shit up?
  3. Thanks man.
  4. Happy birthday bro!!
  5. Thanks bro. Yeah, everything I've been doing this week has been me sick. It started on Saturday morning last week. Ugh. But thanks for listening and glad you liked it! I'll be sure to shout you out next week!
  6. Just finished listening to the show, and it was a great show even though you sounded sick as hell. If your looking for people to shout out on your show you could shout out my name. lol
  7. Yeah man, that's what a lot of people are saying. Everyone thinks its a show for smarks, or marks... fact of the matter is, there's no gimmicks, no pandering to the "IWC" we're legitimately just two dudes discussing one of our favorite things haha. So, I'm VERY happy we gave another fan due to us being genuine.

    And yes... that would be an epic match and an epic guest ref lol!
  8. It's all good, I saw your post like a day or two before saying that you wouldn't be able to do the questions on your Wednesday podcast. But I wanted to check it out any ways and was suprised how much I liked it. No disrespect to you or the other guy, but I thought it would be a show of fanboys complaining about their favorites not getting pushed. But to me it just sounded like two guys discussing wrestling and having a good time doing it. BTW, Wrestlemania: Goldust vs. Cody Rhodes with Dusty Rhodes as guest ref, lol j/k.
  9. Thanks muchly brotha! Glad you like it! The Webshow will be up sometime before the week is out. PROMISE! Your question will NOT go unanswered!
  10. Hey R(ob) just listened to your podcast. It was my 1st time listening to your show and you have just got a new fan of the podcast.
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