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  1. Read the last Warfare... enjoyed it quite a bit. Looking forward to seeing the main title picture play out. Also, which bio do you need? Oh wait - Zeit's. Almost forgot...
  2. Need your bio soon... check out the first page in the discussion thread to see how the bios are being done. Also, need you tell me what you think about WARFARE and all.
  3. Please go look at the JBW thread to see how things will be moving forward. I know you don't frequent us much really but, you're still creative.
  4. That's what I meant lol I was being coy when I said "project." The reason I asked... well, if you need more wrestlers, I have a few ideas...
  5. Not project, June PPV lol. Im messaging creative about it tomorrow night. Be prepared to be blown away.
  6. So I hear you need a few more active wrestlers in Jabe for your upcoming project...?
  7. Cool. PM incoming...
  8. Yes indeedy!
  9. Heya chief - gonna be on for a few?
  10. Hey chief - sending you some more of the main event! Not done with it, but getting close!
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