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  1. Happy Birthday good sir!
  2. To be honest I'd never even seen Power Puff girls or knew of the connection, til someone here told me!
  3. Sounds good my dude! Sounds good. I mean... nothing against those things but, together its not a good hybrid lol.
  4. Ha! That's not good, I'll stick to this then!
  5. I deffo like this one better. Mojo Tartarus makes me feel like you're a Powerpuff Girls villain mixed with Dr. Who, Pop-Tarts and a Star Wars villain.
  6. Taking it all retro, like 1,000th Raw!
  7. Completely. This name was very much missed for me lol.
  8. Brilliant isn't it!
  9. Here's a great name.
  10. Well I still love ya bro!
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