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  1. Okay, I'll have myself a brainstorm with Black Falcon when he gets on
  2. Uh... ok. I'm in the middle of stuff right now (Trying to get SBW posted) and the baby woke up so, I'm here just not HERE. Whenever you think you have something, let me know lol.
  3. I'll have a search through my PMs when I have a sec. I think it was something to do with Iconography vs. Richards & Evans
  4. We do have something to do. Don't we? I forgot too...
  5. Ooo, you seem to be back. I just remembered I've got a Octane promo to do with you, any ideas?
  6. True, but I haven't been in an affair/one night stand/fling either *starts feeling slightly sorry for himself*
  7. Sluts aren't in relationships fool.
  8. Ironic because I haven't been in a relationship for over three years

    You're a 28 year old virgin... erm, with kids...
  9. You're a 15 year old slut.
  10. *Evil laugh of doom*
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