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  1. Thanks muchly my man. Please keep listening, whore us out and like us on Facebook!! My son and I are gonna eb doing the Webshow in a week or so, that should be interesting lol. A father/son wrestling review show.
  2. Hey Rob, great SummerSlam podcast. I'm looking forward to more as they come.
  3. Thanks man!
  4. Hahaha You sir are a post whore indeed, congrats on becoming God lol take care
  5. Thanks bud. =) I will definitely do that lol.
  6. Lol no worries, I got time to wait; I know things can be difficult sometimes but today is a day for you to celebrate alongside your family your 27 years of age.

    So go out and enjoy yourself and remember if you drink dont drive be safe bro.
  7. Thanks man! And don't think I forgot about you with the sig dude. I work overnights and got a kid at home lol so, it can be difficult at times. I have off on Wed and Thur so, it'll be done by then if not later today after I get home from my birthday festivities lol. But, thanks again!
  8. Happy Birthday mate.
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