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  1. She's smoking, aye?
  2. If you say so....... Lol.
  3. Leave my super hot friends alone on FB!!!
  4. Haha happy to join bro,
  5. Welcome to JBW by the way my dude. About damn time!
  6. Of course I liked it broski, I'm finishing my other duties for the mag before I turn it in and I'm just about done
  7. You get that thing I sent ya'? You never let me know if you liked it or not.
  8. No worries brother, take your time and be safe you and your whole family. Thats what matters.
  9. I'll have the stuff to you soon. I've been sick as hell bro. My wife is hurting pretty bad too... that takes precedent. I'll have it to you soon though dude.
  10. SEZ to the rescue lol will do bro
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