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  1. Can you delete a couple messages please dear lady?
  2. Ummm.. I know you're sending ehc the pics for the video and all but, I kind of need them to make the main picture for your ladies.
  3. Sorry I didn't see your messages while I was on. PM me and let me know .
  4. I need to discuss something with you.
  5. You going to be on for a bit?
  6. Keep in mind my upcoming japanese Bombshell for your roster plans.
  7. Yea I agree. Had you rushed it then it wouldn't have turned out as great.
  8. Thanks a bunch! I know it was a long time coming and people were starting to lose faith in it but, the out pour on it makes me that much happier that we got everything together first and did everything the right way before posting.
  9. Great job on the show. Definitely worth the wait .
  10. Yea for BITW 1 at least. I'm not in the card for BITW 2. If you got my PM please let me know when you can.
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