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  1. Just looked at my SLEEPY LOCO1 profile, SB sent them there. Again man I'm very sorry.
  2. Did you get your promo request? I needed it. Yesterday.
  3. Happy Birthday R(ob)!!!

    Hope you have a good one bro.
  4. Been super busy is all lol. Everytime I'm on here on my laptop, I forget to send you back your stuff. DON'T FRET lol. You're still good. I knew you were going through problems.
  5. Hey bro, it's been a couple days since I sent you a pm and you haven't responded. Sorry if your mad at me right now but sometimes life gets in the way. Get back to me even if it's just to tell me fuck off. At least then I'll know where I stand.
  6. Give me a minute and I'll send you what's missing it could be my fault from when I was sending.
  7. ?? I thought I got everything? I spaced it out through the show.
  8. Hey bro not trying to be a dick or anything like that but you're missing like half of the 2nd portion of my parts.
  9. Thanks!
  10. Happy Birthday !!!
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