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  1. As you can see,I can't finish posting Rage tonight. Inferno should still be posted tonight, and I'll finish Rage tomorrow. Obviously, don't let that deter you from posting your show tomorrow as we agreed
    What I'll do it I'll try and get up as early as I can so that I can post the show at an early hour (my time) and then it won't clash with when you're on tomorrow to post the JBW show.
  2. Yeah, I'm not about drama for the feds currently. Ask me in a couple months.
  3. Nice, thanks man. I'm going to go ahead an post Rage now, then Inferno should be posted tonight, so then JBW can have it's day tomorrow then!
  4. I'm down for that dude. I may be the head of JBW but, I'm a member of the EWNCW roster as well. I didn't know the shows were heading out today. I'll definitely hold off until tomorrow.
  5. I think I saw that you're considering posting the new JBW show tonight, would you consider posting it tomorrow instead?
    Both Rage and Inferno are being posted by EWNCW today/tonight, and I think it's only fair that the new JBW show gets full attention from people (sure you'll agree on that), so posting it tomorrow would allow for that to happen.
    Plus I always feel uncomfortable when 2 different feds post shows at the same time or literally just after each other, since it comes across as one fed trying to one up the other or trying to steal the thunder of the other, something which doesn't really help on the unity front.

    Just a thought
  6. Thanks man, appreciated!
  7. Happy born day dude.
  8. You're filled. And we're not done yet.
  9. LOL! Thanks TT. Yeah dude... I catch myself staring as well... it just doesn't get any damn better... I'm a bastard for it haha.
  10. I'm sure you've had a lot of this, but I simply must applaud you for your sig.
    I find myself staring at the screen for a while every time I come across it (and with the cross fed stuff going on, I may as well be staring at it all day!).
    Simply divine!
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