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  1. Thanks man, appreciated!
  2. Happy birthday old man! Hope it was a good one. Sorry I'm "technically" late on it. But by my time, I'm not lol.
  3. Happy birthday! Have a good one!
  4. I'll be sure to take a look man, I try and look support all the feds here by taking a look at the shows.
    I'll be asking a mod to close the thread for voting tomorrow night (GMT) so there's still time.
  5. Sorry I haven't yet man. Getting the PPV done and going through the shit I did this week, it's been a rough go. I'll be sure to vote tonight after I post FOR THE CAUSE. Hopefully you take a look at it, man. Quite proud of it.
  6. Just reminding you that you have until tomorrow to vote on Threat of the Net man
  7. Not at the moment, I'll be sure to post them somewhere on the forums if some do pop up though!
  8. Righteous!! That sounds pretty fucking awesome actually dude! Any vids on YT or anything?
  9. We're called 'Oompah-fessional Brass'. We're like a German Oompah style band that play mostly covers of popular songs mixed in with some traditional Oompah style music. We host nights in bars that involve competitions, sing-alongs, drinking games and some other fun stuff. It's a good laugh!
  10. Excellent good sir. Hope your band kicks ass tonight. What are they called?
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