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  1. Yeah. It's a fun way to find out you're allergic to spider poison. Especially when you're bitten 12 times. It's awesome.
  2. You lmost died?! Shit man..
  3. Yo my man, just been busy. I almost died a couple weeks ago and was on some heavy meds. I just came back to work this past week and am feeling decent. No worries, I'm slowly coming back again haha. Thanks for checking in on me good sir! =)
  4. What's up bro? I haven't seen you on here lately....
  5. Holy crap. You're talking about the man who basically started the pies to the face (with the "new" breed.) and the other who was basically a MLB whore anyway lol. Wow, damn near forgot about those guys haha. Good times man, good times. =)
  6. The fact that we can talk about the Phils as a World Series is amazing to me; it seems like just yesterday we were usinng Ricky Leede and Tomas Perez as everyday players doesn't it?Now we have perrenial all-stars at 3 or 4 positions.
  7. Tell me about it dude. Like I told you previously, I'm not a fan of Hockey but, I do like the Flyers. I don't like Basketball at all but, my Baseball team is, was and always will be the Phillies. Yeah, last year hurt like hell but this year I think they're gonna do it. I'm damn positive that by the time it's all said and done it'll be the Indians VS. Phillies. That's one series I never thought I'd see lol.
  8. I'll still watch; once you've been a fan of Philly teams for so long, losses don't really hurt that bad anymore....
  9. Sorry about your loss dude. Gotta suck with the Flyers being out of it and all. Still gonna watch Playoffs/Cup or are you done now?
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