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  1. I can't wait bruv.

    Hey, you wrote SHOWDOWN for a while there; maybe you can help me out...

    What name does igetwild go by now?
  2. You don't even have 2 days to find out homie. Saturday morning it will all be revealed!
  3. You cryptic little bastard you...
  4. It's majorly, majorly, MAJORLY appreciated my dude. You'll understand soon enough.
  5. This going back though Jabe history business...It's rough.

    Glad to help out though.
  6. Finishing my promo in the morning dude.

    Real life getting in the way.
  7. Christmas show promo will be in your inbox sometime before TLC.

    It's, like, third on my list right now.
  8. Yo my brotha! I should have the shoot quessions to ya by late tomorrow.
  9. Thanks man... and yeah, that guy is crazy to think I'm apologizing to him for what HE did lol. Not my fault he got banned for doing something stupid... sheesh. And yeah, I was proud of the Podcast this week as well... I was amped as a motherfucker recording that shit haha. Thanks again man!
  10. Crazy guy below this post is crazy.

    Great podcast bro.
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