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  1. JabeBook could use your input, my broski.
  2. Yes, the match and the entrances. I think that about sums it up.
  3. Other than Macabre v. Locust, what else do you need from me? Entrance vids?
  4. You and Sully made up? Isn't that cute...

    Mayhem coming along okay? I'm here if you need help, broski.
  5. So yeah, went into Camden today...

    Felt like everybody looked at me like "Hey! Look! It's a white kid! Let's kill him!"

    Scary, scary, shit bruv.
  6. It worked great! I felt bad and ordered the HD replay of the event though lol.
  7. Hey Mr. I never use streams, how'd that stream work for ya last night?
  8. Damn right bro.

  9. To my awesome fellow South Jerseyian... and we KNOW The Phillies will do it this season... .... HAPPY FACKING BIRTHDAY!!!!
  10. I'm pretty sure HJ just posted it in the thread. I believe it's Lee Gun Kim... Or... Gun Lee Kim lol.
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