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  1. Highlight the original message, man. You'll see what I did...
  2. It's been acting weird lately. I might make a thread in the NOC section, actually.

    Can you get me a real promo by the end off the week? Promise I'll use the one you sent me, too.
  3. as to re-read the first message I sent to you. The second PM I got from you was blank so I just didn't respond. Wonky fucking eWN!
  4. Facebook, my dude.
  5. Ummm... of course. Just PM me the deets again. I'm pretty sure that PM is long gone. It was quite some time ago.
  6. Any chance of that Redrum promo we talked about a while back?
  7. Go for it.
  8. Clear some space!
  9. I was amazed, honestly.

    Nice to have some direction, though.

    PM coming.
  10. PM me the link. Ka$h said he sent the message out to the troops today. Shock and awe, eh?
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