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  1. Need any help with the show, bubba? I'm here all day.
  2. Finally done. Finish 'er off, my man.
  3. I'll do my next bit after I get Killzone up, bro. Quality response.
  4. Got it. I'll be responding tonight when I get done work. Its awesome so far!
  5. Of course, how could I not. Very saddening day for the Phillies man. I was wondering why Chooch was doing so good last season though lol.
  6. Yeah, that team just straight up saddens me. I'm not pissed, just sad.

    You heard about Chooch, I assume?
  7. Yessir. I'm great, man. Had a helluva good Thanksgiving and was fun literally watching the Panthers beat the Eagles ass in person.
  8. 'sup, Boberto! You good?
  9. Been that kind of day.

    Send away, broski.
  10. You're full.
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